Episode Five: Ian Williams (BATTLES)

This episode finds us again in Brooklyn on the back patio of Splitty, a fine, feels-like-home place in Fort Greene.  Ian joined us late afternoon and we chatted for over an hour about video editing (both above and a little below board), the definition of selling out, if there is a definition of selling out, Pittsburgh, maybe wanting a nice car, and a lot of other things.  Love this one.

Track List: “Calla Lilies” from Plastic Explosives; “Imitation Air” from the new record, out 2/4 on Hometapes; “Soundproofing Makes a Practice Space” from The Caribbean (EP).


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  1. Great. I love Ian Williams. You guys should interview John Roderick about making… or *not* making records for the last 10 years. He’s had a tremendous case of procrastination. But he has also mentioned the keyboard phenomenon— trying to rock while behind a desk.

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