Episode Seven: Jeff Lyons (Used Wigs)

Like so many really funny people I know, I found Jeff Lyons via Twitter, and I’ve got to say, his batting average on there is in the .900 range.  Even his tweet from the night of our interview, posted on his drive over from the Philly suburbs, hit the spot. But it turns out that in addition to being funny, he’s also an incredibly thoughtful, insightful guy who was doing a similar podcast to this, but ten years ago.  Go to his site and check out the “Tweets of the Week” feature, in particular, to get a taste of Jeff’s curatorial skills, as well.

As a final note, I tweeted this while I was editing this episode, and it’s entirely true.

Track List: “The Night Panel” from William of Orange; “Populations” from Populations; “Discontinued Perfume” from Discontinued Perfume.


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