Episode Four: Kristopher Jansma

Once again into the breach, or at least Brooklyn.  This time to chat with Kristopher Jansma, whose debut novel, The Unchangeable Spots Of Leopards, has been garnering ample and well-earned praise.  It’s a globetrotting affair, taking up residence on four continents.  The narrative bends back on itself a number of times, while regularly returning to the same question: what’s the difference between fiction and lies?

Track List: “Who’s Hollywood Now?” from William of Orange; “Plastic Explosives,” from Plastic Explosives.

Episode Three: Joe Meno

Chicago author Joe Meno joined us for a live recording of Labor at Chicago’s City Lit Books in Logan Square on a gorgeous Saturday, August 3rd.  Joe is a highly-regarded author whose novels have garnered acclaim from the New York Times, Kirkus Reviews, and the Chicago Tribune, among others.  Topics discussed include little kids, deadlines, getting lost in the woods, and the notion that Fun is for Assholes.  Which it kinda is.

Track List: “Outskirts” from Discontinued Perfume, “Jobsworth,” from the new record; “Moon Sickness” from the new record.  (New record out 11/12 on Hometapes).